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GSX iPhone IMEI Network Finder + Lock Status [Full Report]

GSX iPhone IMEI Network Finder + Lock Status [Full Report]

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Sample Report:

Serial Number: F19LWJ0LFFDQ
IMEI: 013847004658711
Part Description: SVC,IPHONE 5S,GSM,16GB,GOLD,CI/AR
Product Version: 7.1 <-- iOS Version currently on the device
ICCID: 89014103276366460456
Initial Policy ID: 52
Applied Policy ID: 235
Next Tether Policy ID: 10
Activation Policy Description: US GSM Service Policy <-- Current Carrier (US GSM Service Policy = AT&T)
Next Tether Activation Policy: Unlock. <-- Lock / Unlock Status (If Locked will display carrier)
Unlocked: true
Unlock Date: 01/17/14
Unbricked: true
First Unbrick Date: 01/17/14 <-- First time the device was activated
Last Unbrick Date: 01/17/14 <-- Last time the device was restored to factory settings

WE have provided you with a few pointers on how to read the report above :-)

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