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Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions / Cancellation / Refund Policies [By ordering any service and paying for it, you agree to our Terms & Conditions]
- We incur costs per-submission, so if your device is not locked to the desired network that you are ordering service for or is already unlocked, we cannot refund the order (Due to the fact that it would cause us to take a loss for user error). In some special cases, we can make an exception and deduct a small fee (around $5) due to expenses incurred, but this is not something to expect.

- We will not refund any device that is blacklisted as it will not work on any network in the country that it belongs to [may also not work on any international carriers/networks]

- We will not be held responsible for incorrect IMEI submissions, you as a customer are responsible for double checking your IMEI to make sure it is correct as we do not possess any smartphones in our hands, therefore unable to verify the extant IMEI/information regarding your hardware.

- If you are not 100% sure that your device is locked to the desired network, we invite you to first utilize our carrier check tool available for iPhones which will allow you to perform a lookup on your device and all other smartphones, the network name/logo is visible physically on the device or upon startup.

- We reserve the right to cancel any/all orders when they are no longer fesible or at any time due to service being unavailabe. 

- For reasons similar to what we have stated above, we cannot cancel any order after it is submitted! Period – No exceptions can be made unless the order fails to clear.

- We give the turnaround time as an estimate. Many AT&T iPhone unlocks take 1-10days, but due to the current state of AT&T unlocking, it could take longer. Delays are out of our hands when they do occur, so be sure to keep this in mind before you order. If you have a time-sensitive order and cannot wait, your best bet is to use our Express service [If available]. I completely understand that it may be frustrating at times to wait, but such delays apply to all unlock service providers around the globe and not just our services.

We Offer Full* Refund For All Services ONLY IF WE ARE UNABLE TO PERFORM THE REQUESTED SERVICE OR CODE IS NOT FOUND FOR YOUR DEVICE OR SERVICE GOES OFFLINE / DOWN. -- *For all Refunds -- $0.30 and/or 1.5% fee (which ever is greater) is deduced as it is charged by Paypal for processing the transaction and is not refunded/returned to us or you *Unless Payment Mass Payment or Gift (Family or Friends) or Chase QuickPay or Square Cash Payment is made to us. Paypal keeps that fee and therefore when issuing refunds, the $0.30 and/or 1.5% (which ever is greater) will be deducted from your total amount paid per transaction.

- Some Samsung smartphones on android version 4.1.2 and higher have a bug in their operating system and reject the unlock codes by giving "Unsucessful" error, please note that this is not due to our code but due to the phone it self being affeted by the bug (also known as error) in the system of that particular device, we have guide posted on our website that you may use as it helsp majority of the customers get past the "unsuccessful issue" -- Please note that if you are unable to resolve the issue, we will not be able to refund as it is clearly mentioned in the item description, by making the purchase for that service you are agreeing to the statement regarding the possibility of your device being affected and that no refund will be given should such incident occur. 

- Some HTC devices on 4.2.2 and higher have been affected by a bug as well where the device does not accept the code -- however upon 10000+ unlocks, our research shows that those who experienced the issue usually had rooted the deivce, installed custom rom/firmware or baseband/radio on the deivce and reverting back to stock 4.1.2 or even the latest stock rom/firmware and unrooting the device resolved the issue. NOTE: Once you have successfully unlocked the device with the code provided -- You can modify, upgrade, customerize your device as you please -- the unlock is permanent. 

- Some services have certain requirements, please note they are clearly mentioned in the item description and you are responsible for reading them and ordering the service for your device accordingly, unless error is made on our part, no refund will be issued as you are agreeing to all our terms & conditions when completing the purchase.

- It is your responsibility at the time of purchase reading and understanding our terms & conditions as well as asking any questions regarding something you do not understand.

The above mentioned policies are written in the most clear form available, if you have any questions, doubts or comments please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can explain something you may not understand. We would like all our customers to have a pleasant experience ordering services to us as customer service is our #1 priority.

Wholesale Accounts: Please note, any credit added to the account must be used within 180 days, and account must be used to make a minimum of 1 order per 90 days, otherwise credit will be forefitted and deemed expired. This policy is in place to keep client accounts current and active. We apologize for any inconvenience, if you disagree with our Wholesale Accounts Policy, please use the retail section instead to make all your orders. 

NEW: Fraud Policy
Due to the rise of individuals attempting to unlock phones using stolen methods of payment through the internet worldwide, we now have deployed an intelligent fraud monitoring system.

We are now able to block stolen credit card use and detect when VPN/botnet/RDP users are attempting to order. Fraud is taken incredibly seriously, and we now will be sending full reports to relevant (including India, Ghana, Russia, Mexico, Africa, Vietnam, and more) police in any instance that this sort of activity occurs, as well as Blacklisting the device so that it can never be used anywhere in the world, even if unlocked. If you are a user attempting to use a stolen credit card to purchase an unlocking service, consider this your only warniing.

New Memebers *** ATTENTION ***

We will block any/all accounts associated with fradulent activity. New members We will email you a Customer Payment Authorization Consent Form that must be filled out in order to activate your account -- No Exceptions will be made. We do not care that your mother/father/brother/sister/uncle/aunt/friend/wife/child is making the payments on your behalf, we will still require the Customer Payment Authorization Consent form filled with PayPal account holders Government Issued ID that clearly shows Photo + Signature.

We are operating as 3rd party service providers, meaning we are not affialiated in anyway with any of the network providers we provide services for or smartphone/handset manufacturers. All Logo's, images, slogans, claims and trademarks are the copyright of their respective owners. reservers the rights to change and make changes to our Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice and as such, changes will be posted here in our Terms & Conditions section, therefore you as a customer / user of our website, are responsible for keeping your self updated by frequntly checking this section on each occassion that you use our website and as continued use of our site and services, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions listed in this entire section!

We encourge users to practice and be familar with their country laws and regulations regarding unlocking their hadnsets, as laws and regulations differ by country/state, it is your responsibility to abide by all laws and regulations at all time because we will not be held liable in anyway for unlocking a device that may be prohibited by your country/state. 

Any information acquired from the customer during any and all transactions will never be shared with anyone for any reasons (including any communication). The use of / and its affiliate is intended for the sole use of the intended recipient/s and may contain confidential information, which also may be legally privileged.

All communication between / and customer, Any reliance upon, access to, review, disclosure, copying, forwarding or other distribution of any or all of the contents in this message by others who are not the intended recipients is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete the message and all copies and confirm to the sender by email. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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